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Logical-RMM: the future of IT management – here today!

Remote Monitoring & Management: a proactive approach to IT

Logical-RMM is a huge improvement over the commonly used “break-fix” (also called “as needed”) method of solving IT problems. With break-fix, a problem is usually not addressed until it disrupts business, often in a way that causes a crisis situation. As many IT professionals would agree, there are far too many urgent support requests requiring major effort that could have been handled much more easily had they been reported in time.

With our Logical-RMM service, emergency scenarios are significantly reduced by automatically monitoring your devices, reporting issues as they occur, and allowing our IT professionals to address those issues before they snowball into serious problems. The latest software and security updates for a number of commonly-used programs are automatically applied to keep your systems secure and up-to-date. Whenever performance issues arise, a support ticket is automatically sent to our staff who can address the issue, often without your knowledge that a problem even existed. Enjoy the most responsive, reliable, secure, and cost-efficient approach to keeping your systems running their best with Logical-RMM.

Automation is key

Too often, routine maintenance tasks go neglected for long periods of time even though they are important in maintaining healthy computer systems. Our Logical-RMM agent (a small, unobtrusive, background program) uses automation to routinely perform essential maintenance tasks (ie: disk cleanup, defragmentation, updates, etc.), while constantly monitoring the health of your devices and relaying that information to our staff. The automated nature of Logical-RMM practically eliminates the need to perform manual service on individual devices, reducing time and expense. Healthy, well-maintained machines will drastically reduce sluggish or inoperable workstation “surprises” and keep your employees functioning at maximum efficiency!

Help is a just a trouble ticket away

For those instances when non-automated support is necessary, Logical-RMM includes a built-in trouble ticket system through which users can submit help requests. Users can specify details of their issues and include optional screenshots to illustrate exactly what they’ve encountered. Our staff then reviews the information previously gathered about the device involved to determine an appropriate course of action. This same ticketing system is also used by the Logical-RMM agent to send automated alerts about each device’s health to our technicians whenever it observes potential problems. Whether personally or automatically notified, our technicians are constantly providing the IT service you need.

Enjoy predictable costs with Logical-RMM vs. the break-fix approach

The break-fix approach to resolving IT issues can be costly in terms of time, money, and effort. For example, assume you have a computer that is frequently crashing. The user of that device may not be able to perform necessary job duties while the device continues to malfunction. You then have to call an IT technician, hope you can get placed on his/her schedule for timely service, then wait until the technician drives to your location, assesses your computing environment, diagnoses the problem, and repairs the computer. It’s a lose-lose situation, and if you experience multiple similar scenarios in a short timeframe, you’ll quickly find yourself frustrated and spending far more than you expected. Moreover, you may not be addressing (or even aware of) more serious underlying problems within your system, but just fixing the obvious surface issues, leaving you vulnerable to future expensive support calls. It’s a never-ending cycle of financial uncertainty!

Logical-RMM, on the other hand, is easy to include in your budget! Logical-RMM services are priced at a flat monthly fee, dependent on the number of devices to be covered, the service plan selected for each covered device, the complexity of your network, and other related factors. Devices covered by our Full Service Plan even receive unlimited remote, phone, and onsite technical support during the life of the Logical-RMM agreement!

Don’t wait – check out Logical-RMM now!

Experience far less downtime, cost, and frustration when compared to using IT services on an as-needed basis! Visit the Logical-RMM page of our web site for more information on the benefits of replacing your current IT solution with Logical-RMM. For a free Logical-RMM quote for your business, contact us today!

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