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Logical-RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management)
Logical-RMM Service by Logical Operators, Inc.

What Can Logical-RMM Do For Your Business?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software is designed to save you money by taking a more proactive approach to handling your IT problems. If your IT issues are currently being addressed through a traditional "break-fix" model, then you may not even be aware of the root causes of your issues until they've already disrupted your workflow. Logical-RMM proactively keeps your systems up-to-date, monitors the health of your devices, and enables our technicians to proactively address the core issues in your networking environment. Prevent small issues from becoming large problems and improve your security (while saving time, money, and effort) by signing up for Logical-RMM service today!


Logical-RMM Pricing

Pricing for the Logical-RMM service is determined on a contractual basis by the number of devices to be covered, the service plan selected for each covered device, the complexity of your network, and other related factors. With Logical-RMM, you can mix and match Limited and Full Service Plans (see below) for each device based on the level of service you require. Contact us today to schedule an on-site network review and obtain a customized quote designed especially for your needs!

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Logical-RMM Service Plans

Limited Service Plan

"For Non-Essential Devices"

  • Automatically applies updates & patches
  • Automatically performs preventative maintenance
  • Automatically notifies technicians of developing issues
  • Allows secure remote access by our technicians
  • Provides support ticket system to contact a technician
  • Support limited* to automated services delivered remotely
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Full Service Plan

"Highly recommended for all Workstations & Servers"

  • Every feature listed in the Limited Service Plan, plus:
  • Monthly "Executive Overview" health reports
  • On-site quarterly review / planning meetings
  • Receive priority support over non-Full-Service-Plan clients
  • Scheduled downtime for non-automated services
  • Unlimited* remote, phone-based, and on-site support
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Logical-RMM Features

Logical-RMM Service Plan Comparison

  Limited Service
Full Service
Cost & Coverage Benefits    
Predictable Monthly Service Fees
Budgeting is a breeze with Logical-RMM! Our remote monitoring and management services are priced at predefined flat rates per covered device during the life of your contract. Eliminate costly IT maintenance surprises!
Local Technicians / Locally-Owned Business
Logical Operators is a locally-owned, stable, and dependable firm which has been serving businesses in the Charleston WV and surrounding areas since 1992. You'll work with technicians who are also your neighbors, so you'll know that your business is supporting your local economy. Being local, we can also meet you in person for in-depth consultation and you can depend on us to come to your place of business to resolve issues when necessary.
Experienced Technicians Familiar With Your Computing Environment
Settling for the hassle of dealing with different, inexperienced technicians for each service call with your current IT provider? Logical Operators provides a level of personally-tailored, face-to-face service and support that is lacking in most larger IT firms. We consistently assign the same technicians to your service calls, so you can rest assured that you're dealing with knowledgeable staff who are familiar with both your computing environment and your business concerns.
Covered Services for Physical and/or Virtual Machines
Logical-RMM uses software agents (small background programs) which run on workstations, servers, and virtual machines; this allows full support of your network devices whether they are physically on-site, virtually-created, or remotely-hosted.
Scheduled Maintenance Periods for Routine Non-Automated Downtime Services
We work with you to assign convenient time periods during which our technicians can perform any routine maintenance that requires your computing devices to be temporarily unavailable.
Priority Support Over Our Non-Managed Clients
By purchasing certain Logical-RMM service plans, you'll receive priority support (with contractually-guaranteed service-level agreements) over our non-RMM clients.
Monthly Executive Reporting
See the ongoing value of Logical-RMM through monthly summary reports that show the health, security, and stability of your network, workstations, and servers in an easy-to-understand format.
Quarterly Review & Planning Meeting
Every three months we meet with you on-site to review the work we've performed on your behalf, plan for upcoming projects / upgrades you need to stay current, and discuss recommendations to improve your business's use of technology.
Unlimited* Technical Support for Covered Devices
Logical Operators offers unlimited support (including telephone-based and on-site support) for covered devices.
Remote Monitoring Benefits    
Automated Preventative Maintenance
Logical-RMM automates many common preventative maintenance tasks on a scheduled basis, helping you avoid problems that often occur because of neglected maintenance.
Automated Real Time System Monitoring
Logical-RMM monitors your devices in real time and automatically alerts us of most problems as they occur. In many cases, we can eliminate small problems before you even notice them!
Automated Event Log Monitoring
Logical-RMM tracks major system event log entries to automatically alert us of pending problems and to provide us with detailed technical information needed to resolve many uncommon issues.
Automated Disk Error Checking
Don't let unforeseen disk errors destroy data on your hard drive! Logical-RMM can automatically alert us of disk errors before they cause major damage.
Automated Disk Space Checking
A full hard drive can put a sudden halt to your business activities. Automated disk space checking automatically alerts us to pending "out of space" situations so we can work with you to resolve them before they shut you down.
Automated Backup Monitoring (with supported backup software)
Logical-RMM can monitor many common backup software packages to automatically alert us of successful, failed, or missed backups. Don't just wonder if your backup is working correctly, know it!
Management Benefits    
Scheduled Automated Installation of Microsoft Workstation Security & Product Patches
Logical-RMM keeps your Microsoft Windows workstations working smoothly and securely with the latest Microsoft security patches, bug fixes, and feature enhancements on a regular basis and ensures that the updates are active by performing scheduled reboots when it's convenient for you.
Scheduled Automated Installation of Microsoft Server Security & Product Patches
Keep your Microsoft Windows servers working smoothly and securely with the latest Microsoft security patches, bug fixes, and feature enhancements on a regular basis and ensure that the updates are active by performing scheduled reboots when it's convenient for you.
Scheduled Automated Security & Product Updates for 100+ Common Microsoft Windows Programs
Simply patching / updating your operating system does not secure many of the common attack surfaces on your computer. To keep your computer secure, you must also patch the numerous utilities, add-ons, and plug-ins (such as Adobe Reader, Java, etc.) that may be installed. Logical-RMM automatically discovers and regularly updates (or optionally removes) a large number of common programs without end-user involvement (click here for listing).
Scheduled Automated Temporary File Cleanup
Prevents sluggish PC performance through the scheduled removal of temporary files on your hard drive.
Scheduled Automated Workstation Hard Drive Defragmentation
Maintains a healthy, stable file structure on your hard drive by automatically defragmenting your hard drive on a schedule when necessary.
Easy-to-use Trouble Ticketing System for End-users
Logical-RMM features a simple ticketing system that allows users to easily submit / review trouble tickets to our technicians through our prioritized support queue. All tickets are reviewed and responded to in a timely manner.
Security Benefits    
Secure Remote Access to Your Covered Equipment by Our Technicians
Secure remote access to your systems allows our technicians to save travel time and resolve your issues sooner, without fear of opening up an additional attack surface or exposing sensitive information to other parties.
Fully-Managed Anti-Virus Protection (optional add-on)
Take control of virus-related threats with optional anti-virus software which can stop self-replicating code from infecting your devices and/or destroying your data.
Fully-Managed Anti-Malware Protection (optional add-on)
Add an additional layer of protection against malware with our optional, always-on anti-malware software protection that automatically scans and eliminates malware threats as they enter your machine in real time.
Fully-Managed Anti-Exploit Protection (optional add-on)
Protect yourself against unplugged security holes present in many modern software packages that allow your devices to be exploited for nefarious means such as ransomware, botnets, etc.

Logical-RMM services are provided on a contractual basis with a 12-month minimum commitment.
* - Contractual limitations and exclusions apply. Contact us or see your Service Level Agreement for details.

= Included
= Services provided via automation, ticketing system, and/or remote access
= Phone support included
= On-site services included (if necessary)
Logical-RMM Resources

Get Adobe ReaderFor more information regarding our Logical-RMM services, please view our online brochures (PDF format) or contact us.

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